Pry Open Awesome

We admit it: buying gifts for guys isn’t exactly easy. When women can rush out to the nearest boutique and come home with literal basketloads of gifts, we dudes find ourselves more often stuck with an ugly necktie. And that has to end, my friends. If you’re tired of finding the gifts you’ve given in Goodwill piles or crammed under the bed, then you should probably consider buying your next gift from Man Crates. They’re built with rough and rugged manliness practically bursting from the wooden crates they come in.   Man Crates each [... more]

Pied and True

Rhubarb isn’t the most common vegetable used in baking (and actually, it’s considered a fruit by the government), but when added with blueberries and apples to a pie, this tart veggie-fruit can be a pleasant accent. Sarah from The Vanilla Bean Blog was experimenting with different ways to make her own flour when she made this Rhubarb Blueberry Apple Pie, so it’s got some great made-from-scratch elements in addition to these fruity flavor features. However, just as she substituted a few things in this recipe from one she found [... more]

Red, White, and Blue for You

Festive holidays can always be a bit tricky to dress for:  you can choose to don your finest themed apparel – and run the risk of looking like a five-year-old - or not dress up at all and run the risk of looking out of place when everyone else is red, white, and blue-in’ it up.  If only there were a happy medium, right? This weekend, embrace a festive outfit without feeling too cheesy and childish. The key to the perfect 4th of July outfit is to choose two colors to focus [... more]

Celebratory Salsa

While you sit poolside celebrating 4th of July with friends and family, be sure to snack on something festive like this Blueberry, Strawberry and Jicama Salsa.  Not only is this 4th of July recipe pretty, but it’s also full of unique flavor combinations and is super easy to make.  The sweetness of the blueberries and strawberries contrasts perfectly with the bite and spice of cilantro and jalapeno, and the crunch of the jicama adds nice texture.  Pair with whole wheat crackers or cinnamon sugar pita chips for the perfect celebratory [... more]

Cherry Whiskey Smash

If your dad is a whiskey guy, serve him this drink and it may just be his favorite gift of the day. The Cherry Whiskey Smash combines an alcohol trifecta of whiskey, amaretto, and ginger brandy. A little cherry juice and a splash of cherry cola temper the spirits and add a sweet-tart fizz to the drink. Maraschino cherries start and finish the cocktail for a little extra color and fruitiness, but save them till you get to bottom of the glass so they’ve had time to [... more]

Sweet & Saucy

Impress the dad in your life this Father’s Day by taking over grill duty and serving up these delicious Extra Sticky Thai BBQ Ribs. Made with a homemade Peanut BBQ Sauce, these non-traditional ribs offer a creative take on a popular classic. Marinate the rib racks overnight in a sweet Thai chile and soy sauce mixture and then bake for 2½ to 6 hours. Finish your ribs on the grill after smothering them in the peanut barbecue sauce. Served with a Sweet Thai Ginger Slaw, these tasty [... more]

Father’s Day Makeover

This Father’s Day, update your dad’s style with products from the always stylish and sophisticated Billy Reid. If your father spends hours at the office or days traveling for business, invest in some quality accessories that will help him look and feel more put together on hectic days. The Cordovan Portfolio ($245) keeps Dad organized so he’ll have everything he needs, from documents to his iPad, in one leather-encased place. The perfect carry-on for business flights, the Cordovan Workbag ($595) is roomy enough to store not only a laptop and that handy portfolio, but also a toiletry [... more]

Style Patriot

This coming Fourth of July, declare your love for your country with Betabrand’s USA Pants ($90), which feature all three colors on the United States flag. Stars identical to those on the flag dot the blue background, while a red-and-white-striped ticking lines the pockets and inside of the pants. Part of the Liberty Lab Collection, this star-spangled design also comes in USA Shorts ($78). Perfect for Memorial Day or any other patriotic day, the 100-percent cotton pants convey your allegiance to every person you pass. Check out [... more]

5 de Mayo: Cheesy Corn Dip

Food just seems to look, smell, and taste better when it’s baked in a cast-iron pan. Summer Corn and Cotija Cheese Dip exceeds all my cast-iron fantasy foods. It’s the perfect party dip to serve straight from the iron beauty you bake it in. Even better, the ease of the recipe, short list of ingredients, and minimal prep and cooking time (only 30 minutes total) will blow your mind. Summer yellow corn shines bright in this recipe, and its sweet flavor heightens when mixed with scallions, garlic, [... more]

5 de Mayo: Margarita Madness

Do you prefer your margarita on the rocks or frozen? With or without salt? While options on the classic margarita exist, you can experiment with this classic drink favorite in so many more interesting and flavorful ways. Some versions tend to be overpowered by their fruity components, but this Ginger Pineapple Margarita offers just the right flavor combo of spice and sweetness. The recipe takes a bit of preparation time, so we recommend making a big batch to freeze for later.

5 de Mayo: Tex-Mex Squash

The produce section of the grocery store offers many kinds of brightly colored squash in all shapes and sizes. One you don’t hear much about is the spaghetti squash. (When cooked, the inside of this squash resembles—you guessed it—spaghetti. Thus, the name.) You might wonder what in the world you could possibly make with such a thing? Well, for starters, this recipe for Southwestern Stuffed Spaghetti Squash. A Mexican-style mixture of garlic, red onions, jalapeños, bell pepper, black beans, corn, and spaghetti squash fills the hollowed-out squash [... more]

Eco-Friendly Fashion

The fashion industry hasn’t always been praised for being environmentally conscious, but today more and more designers incorporate sustainable materials and production methods into their collections. In celebration of this year’s Earth Day, we recognize Costello Tagliapietra, a design duo whose innovation in eco-friendly apparel has garnered attention since their launch in 2005. Partners Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra use fabrics colored by the unique AirDye technology, which applies color with heat and paper instead of water. The method also produces less waste and uses less energy, [... more]

Sing Like No One Can Hear You

You don’t have to look far for a reason to celebrate these days. There are at least a few hilarious, bizarre holidays each month that offer an excuse to have a little fun. April’s National Karaoke Week (this year, April 20-26) will have you dancing and singing in the streets. Be sure to gather your closest friends for an entire week of belting tunes at the top of your lungs and releasing all those pent-up emotions you didn’t even realize you had. Feeling spunky? Bust out your [... more]

Garlic Gets Its Day

Salute National Garlic Day (today, April 19) with a delicious treat that showcases this pungent little bulb. With its tantalizing aromas and melt-in-your-mouth goodness, garlic bread serves as the ultimate comfort food. This recipe for The Best Homemade Garlic Bread leaves your taste buds begging for the entire loaf. For the best flavor, make sure to use fresh garlic (not canned) and a generous amount of garlic salt. Another must is premium olive oil; we recommend Georgia Olive Farms Extra Virgin. Lastly, shop around for the freshest [... more]

Easter Morning Waffles

Whether you celebrate big or small this Easter, this recipe must make its way to your kitchen table come Sunday morning. While classic Belgium waffles are hard to beat, Carrot Cake Waffles will give them a run for their money. Moist and fluffy, just like the popular namesake cake, each bite melts in your mouth. A sinfully rich cinnamon maple cream cheese spread serves as the “icing” on these cakey treats. Sprinkle a few extra raisins on top to give them a sweet burst of flavor and [... more]