Get Sauced!

Just in time for the peak of grill season, Trifecta Gourmet Sauces adds a new product to its line of succulent, lick-off-your-fingers barbecue sauces. Joining the company’s existing three flavors—Original BBQ, Sweet Heat BBQ, and Blazing BBQ—Kentucky Bourbon Marinade blends sweet brown sugar, tangy citrus, a mix of vinegars, and Kentucky bourbon whiskey. And like the other three Trifecta sauces, the marinade is both all-natural and gluten-free. Order your bottle today and experience the rich taste of Kentucky’s signature bourbon.        Photo Credit: Trifecta Gourmet [... more]

Majoring in Moonshine

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to advance your knowledge—your spirits knowledge, that is. Forget going back to grad school. Instead, consider getting that higher education fill via the daylong enthusiast workshops at Distilled Spirits Epicenter’s Moonshine University in Louisville, Kentucky, to learn everything you need to know about distilling. (It’s cheaper than a full–on degree and a whole lot more fun, I’d wager.) There are also shorter, two-hour classes for those who want a quick primer on bourbon or gin, and the five-day [... more]

Crafted in Kentucky

It’s no secret that people are getting hip to better beer these days, and to that effect, more and more independent breweries are popping up to meet demand. Enter Ei8ht Ball Brewing in Bellevue, Kentucky, housed within The Party Source, the largest liquor store in the country, and named one of “The 23 Hottest Craft Beer Bars in America Right Now” by A good beer store is always a great place to go see what’s new and notable. A good beer store that not only has [... more]

An Open Letter to The Commonwealth of Kentucky

Dear Kentucky, Thank you for your endless rolling hills of bluegrass countryside. For thoroughbreds and their annual Run for the Roses. For Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. For Mother’s Day and the “Happy Birthday” song. For Robert Penn Warren and Loretta Lynn. For the heavenly Hot Brown and chocolate in pecan pie. For the Louisville slugger and silver julep cups. For Rosemary Clooney (and George). For the best excuse to wear an enormous floral hat. For Benedictine spread, butter cake, and burgoo. But most of all, Kentucky, thank you for bourbon, which makes you our MVP. We [... more]

Bourbon’s Best-Kept Secret

While Jim Beam and Wild Turkey definitely represent some of the more well–known names along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, the family-owned Willett Distillery (on the Trail’s Craft Tour) might just cook up the best bourbon around. In operation since 1937, the distillery produced the first batch of 30 barrels on St. Patrick’s Day of that year. A couple of years back, I was bumming along the trail with my husband and cousins on a holiday weekend when master distiller Drew Kulsveen saw that I had tweeted from [... more]