An Industrial Chic Luminary

This Decker Table Lamp ($365) from Southern Lights Electric in Nashville, Tennessee adds an industrial element to any space. This handmade product has a solid wood base that is felt-lined to prevent scratching surfaces. Also featuring a turnkey socket for easy operation, the lamp’s exposed cord creates an effortless look to the piece. The arms are made of steel and brass and are fully adjustable, reaching and moving in a variety of directions and positions. Each lighting project made by Southern Lights Electric is handmade and packed [... more]

Summer Night Lights

Why do Southerners find such delight in the first sight of fireflies during the summer? Maybe it’s because it takes us back to our childhood, when we would spend warm summer nights catching fireflies in Mason jars. Handmade in Charlottesville, Virginia, this Vintage Inspired Mason Jar Chandelier ($103) happily reminds us of those carefree days. Perfect for the outdoors, the light fixture throws a warm glow over any get-together. Made from durable Red Oak with a hand-rubbed wax finish, the base of the fixture will weather the [... more]

A Most Beautiful Flashlight

If you’re like us, you hide your flashlight in a drawer, under the sink, or on a shelf in the laundry room. Then, when the power goes out, you fumble around in the dark trying to locate it. Well, no more. The sleek and attractive Trioh! Flashlight demands a place out in the open, making it more accessible in times of need. This device serves three functions: as a standard flashlight, as an emergency light (it automatically turns on when the power goes out), and as an [... more]


Philips recently introduced an LED light bulb that can last up to 20 years. Yes, you read that right…20 years! The LED A Shape bulb saves not only consumer energy (which would otherwise be spent replacing multiple light bulbs in the lifespan of this one bulb), but also saves $130.62 in energy costs. According to tests performed by Philips, the average life span of one bulb is 22 years if it were to be left on for 3 hours every day. The opaque orange bulb emits a [... more]

Living Large

The National Kitchen and Bath Association recently released a few tricks of the trade to help homeowners make the most of a small kitchen. First, choose sleek and modern appliances to give you the same luxuries found in a larger kitchen. Also, use a mix of both natural and ambient lighting. Recessed and pendant fixtures provide critical task lighting, while bay windows and skylights visually expand your kitchen space to create an airy, open feel. Adopt creative storage solutions, such as pullout shelves or an under-counter lazy [... more]