Rockout. Workout.

Keeping your workout fun and fresh helps you stay active and drives the popularity of fitness trends. First came Zumba, Pure Barre, and SoulCycle. Now POUND arrives on the scene, promising to keep you entertained while you sweat off the day’s calories. This high-energy combination of cardio and Pilates incorporates music and the physical movements of drumming familiar to musicians and founders Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom. The most unique aspect of POUND is the replacement of traditional hand weights with modified drumsticks called Ripstix. These allow [... more]

Art on a String

Contemporary artist Gabriel Dawe creates grand structures out of rainbow-colored string as part of his site-specific Plexus Series. The way he twists and turns the brightly hued thread gives the illusion of movement and allows the works to transform depending on the lighting and angle viewed. Because of their sheer size and complexity, his installations have the power to stop you in your tracks, captivating you for hours. Although these works were displayed in his current hometown of Dallas, other pieces appear at museums across the country and [... more]

Botany and Booze

Garden writer Amy Stewart recently released her book The Drunken Botanist, which brims with historical notes and fascinating anecdotes on the connection between plants and common spirits. The author admits to owning a garden in her own backyard full of plants specifically grown to use in cocktails. She encourages others to “grow things that you actually like to drink, but at the same time, be open to surprises.” A New York Times bestselling author, bookstore owner, and public speaker, Amy also works more than 50 cocktail recipes [... more]

Shelve the Discussion

Where do you keep your favorite reading material, book lovers? Unless you have a private library, the stacks of books that you accumulate can overtake your living spaces. Organize your collection of bestsellers with a fun and creative bookshelf. Imaginative options range from whimsical sayings to geometric shapes. One product labels the shelves “Has been read” and “Will be read” to keep your tomes separated. Another spells out the word “Read” in massive letters, which you fill in with your reading collection. Books add culture and entertainment [... more]

Look the Part

In this digital age, carrying a camera wherever you go has become practically second nature, and it’s usually in the form of your smartphone. However, some occasions require higher quality equipment, like a bona fide camera. For those times, you also want to do better than a cheap black strap and a bright yellow vinyl bag. Wotancraft’s Historian Leica Halfcase for Leica cameras allows you to carry your camera in classic, handmade style. Sophisticated and vintage-inspired, this leather half-case and strap set is just as durable as [... more]

A Folk Family

A combination of Americana and rock, Delta Rae’s most recent EP, Chasing Twisters, provides a soulful collection of songs clearly rooted in their hometown of Durham, North Carolina. The group began as a trio of siblings, Ian and Eric Holljes, and sister, Brittany Holljes, and later became the sextet they are now with the addition of singer and friend Elizabeth Hopkins, drummer Mike McKee, and bassist Grant Emerson. Together, they produce exquisite four-part harmonies, intricate instrumental interludes, and storytelling lyrics that will set your heart soaring and [... more]

Make Your TV Smart

When we moved our old TV upstairs to a spare room, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it besides watch old DVDs. Sure, I could spend $100 on a Roku or other smart TV box and stream Netflix and Hulu to it, but why? Enter Chromecast, a digital media player by Google. This $35 size-of-a-large-thumb-drive device can turn any TV with an HDMI port into a smart TV in minutes. Plug it in, run through the five minute setup process with your Google [... more]

Keeping Score

One of the many things I love about baseball is its rich history and layers upon layers of quirks and stories. Back in the day, people used to maintain that history by keeping score at games, but as people have moved into the digital age this simple act has become a lost art. Several years ago, I supported The Eephus League’s Baseball Scorebook Revival Project on Kickstarter, and I have bought their scorebooks every season since. Each year at baseball games I’m approached by fans asking about [... more]

Digital Storyteller

Of late, whenever Facebook launches a new mobile app, it’s a lackluster affair. The app doesn’t catch fire and eventually fizzles out. However, with their new Paper app, I think they may have finally figured out mobile. Paper offers a user experience very similar to Flipboard. Basically, it arranges information the way the mobile version of Newsfeed should. It helps you organize your feed into different sections (i.e. News, Humor, Tech, etc.) and maintains all the Facebook functionality you would find with its original app. You can [... more]

A Poignant Journey

Need a break? Lose yourself in Wild, the award-winning memoir of writer Cheryl Strayed. Cheryl hits rock bottom after her mother’s passing. Soon after, she impulsively heads out West to hike thousands of miles spanning the Pacific Crest Trail. Brave, honest, and real, Wild weaves between stories from her past and her year on the trail. It tells of healing and recovery from great loss and pain. Despite misfortunes along the trail, Cheryl keeps moving forward and is reborn. Join her on her journey and you too [... more]

Meeting Essential

When my Evernote moleskin finally ran out of pages, it was a sad day for me. I used my moleskin for taking meeting notes and loved it. But rather than replace it, I decided to try something different. Luckily, Action Method had something in mind. If you’re like me and take a lot of notes in meetings but can’t remember (or find) the action items to accomplish later, this notebook will be right up your alley. The Action Book has a runner along the side of the [... more]

The World in Charts

Everyone is a geek these days. Whether you’re a coffee geek, a beer geek, or even just a regular old comic book geek, Pop Chart Lab has created an insanely detailed, beautifully illustrated print for whatever your obsession. By my count, I’d happily adorn my walls with no fewer than eight of their infographics, and I’m always looking forward to seeing what category they’re going to break down next. My favorite? A tie between the Meticulous Metric of Baseball Team Names and The Very, Very Many Varieties [... more]

The History of Sound City

I’m not a giant documentary watcher, with one big exception: music documentaries. From an early age, I’ve been fascinated with music and the goings-on that take place in the creation, staging, and performance of music. Sound City tracks the history of a serendipitous recording studio in Van Nuys, CA, that produced some of the greatest albums of all time from the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, and Nirvana. As you watch this documentary, you can’t help but get caught up in the aura. After viewing, I immediately [... more]

A Boy and His Tiger

Many people have a classic book that, when they read it for the first time, changed their lives. For me, it was Yukon, Ho!, one of the many collections of Calvin and Hobbes comics by Bill Watterson. I instantly related to Calvin and his experiences with his parents, friends, and school (though I may have been a better student) and was drawn in by the dynamic and rich drawing style. The entire 10-year syndicated collection is available in a special hardcover box set called The Complete Calvin [... more]

Soul Survivor

Already a certified force of nature even before overcoming cancer in 2013, singer Sharon Jones announces her thunderous return with Give the People What They Want. The album and supporting tour were put on hold as she battled and ultimately beat the illness, and now we can, in fact, get what we want with 10 blasts of pristine and life-affirming soul music backed by the watertight and always excellent Dap-Kings band. If you’re not familiar with Jones, click above and watch the video for “Stranger To My [... more]