Belts With Personality

Needlepoint belts have been a traditional Southern staple in men’s closets for generations. I, for one, am thankful that the tradition lives on. Men have fewer opportunities to use accessories to elevate an outfit than our feminine counterparts, but the right belt can do just that. Maryland-based Smathers & Branson specializes in hand-stitched products in an endless array of patterns and colors (I counted 119). Their belt designs—which range from American flags to sailboats, black labs to shot gun shells—give a little personality to your standard khakis [... more]

Swiss Bliss: Baume & Mercier

Like the right pair of shoes, a good-looking watch can solidify an outfit, and honestly, many of us feel naked without one these days. The ideal timepiece sits on your wrist as a perfectly weighted reminder of your sense of style. And no one knows more about style than the Swiss designers Baume & Mercier. Founded in 1830, this internationally renowned company operates under the motto “Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality.” Our personal favorite for men, the classic 42mm steel and leather Capeland 10082 [... more]

The Price Is Right

Beckett Simonon has blown past the competition to become my favorite shoe brand on the market. Who says you need to pay $300 to get an amazing-looking pair of shoes? Beckett currently offers 24 different styles that provide superior looks at an affordable price. The most expensive pair in their collection costs just $149.99. Beckett cuts costs by designing the shoe in-house and sourcing all of the raw materials themselves, ensuring that you’re getting the best for less. Additionally, instead of flashy marketing, they rely solely on word [... more]

Pocket Square Perfected

Do one thing and do it better than anyone else. The new brand New York to Nashville set out to perfect an often-overlooked accessory, the pocket square. Using reclaimed fabrics that once made up old flannel shirts, vintage American flags, and even women’s dresses, each hand-stitched pocket square has a story to tell. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, owner Danielle Romero draws inspiration from the city the brand was born in. “There is a beautiful balance of drawing from the Old South with a spirit of reinvention,” she says. [... more]

Wool & Leather: A Handsome Pair

I love the classic combination of gray wool and leather. Thankfully, it’s once again becoming an iconic pairing in men’s fashion—and for good reason. It not only looks fresh, but also is durable. You can work this increasingly popular duo into your collection by grabbing a wool and leather case to protect your gadgets. With tanned, hand-dyed leather and 3-millimeter wool felt, this Byrd & Belle sleeve offers protection without sacrificing style. Photo Source: Byrd & Belle

Gym Bag Upgrade

I was talking to a friend recently about what he carries to the gym—a ratty drawstring bag he’s had since his college days. Now that he’s a somewhat grown-up member of society, I told him to upgrade to a canvas bag, one like those made by Hudson Sutler. They’re durable enough to take a beating and stylish enough to carry as a weekend bag. Paying close attention to detail, Hudson Sutler builds their bags with plenty of pockets for all your gear and a vibrant gingham lining. [... more]

Sharp Hair, Sharp Life

A sharp haircut is as essential as a sharp suit. And for those of you whose hair is uncooperative, like mine, the right product makes all the difference. Grant’s Pomade is doing great things, pushing the science behind classic products. Check out their Matte Dressing, which features a mid-weight hold without the shine. It works on all hair types, from oily to dry, and because it’s water-based, it avoids the waxy build-up you get with some other hair products. That’s good news, especially if you agree with [... more]

Sturdy & Stylish

Get set for an excursion out on the trails or in the city with the Natural Roll Top Pack by Archival Clothing. This American-made pack was designed to be used—don’t be afraid to get rough with it. With brass hardware and natural cotton duck, it holds all of your goods safe from both rain and grit. It also comes equipped with a double-layered bottom for protection, a padded back for comfort, and a Horween leather lash point for style. Photo Source: Archival Clothing

It’ll Be Our Little Secret

If you’re a guy who enjoys the late shift, either burning the midnight oil on a project or just a regular Tuesday night out on the town, you’re no stranger to this question: “Hey man, you alright? You look tired.” Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes are dead giveaways of a long night. Much like that first cup of coffee, Kiehl’s Eye Alert refreshes with a jolt of caffeine and skin-tightening vitamins. Plus, thanks to the cucumber and alfalfa extracts, it makes your face feel great. [... more]

Nautically Inspired

The pelican hook (named for it’s beak-like shape) was developed to give sailors a way to securely fasten lines while still allowing for quick detachment should the need arise. I think this bit of maritime engineering works equally well on a strip of leather that fastens up your pants. The burnished brass hook is paired with quality full-grain leather, giving the belt a worn, vintage feel. The handsome details of this belt will elevate your dark jeans and khakis alike. Featured belt available from Ball and Buck. [... more]

A Little Off the Sides

I’m a vocal fan of mixing high-quality vintage pieces into your wardrobe. Unfortunately, shopping for ties at your favorite consignment shop will leave you frustrated and fatigued. Ties in the ’50s were skinny; then the ’60s arrived and messed up everything as ties expanded to as much as 6 inches wide. We’ve been recovering ever since. Each decade has seen a decline in the average width, thank goodness, and 60 years later, we’re back to an average size of 2.75 to 3 inches. So what’s a guy to do when [... more]

Throwback to Style

I hit up my barber, Mic Fox at acclaimed Parlour & Juke in Nashville, to point me to hair products with a rich style and tradition. He encouraged me to check out military boar bristle hairbrushes. “Your grandpa probably still has his from the 40’s,” he said. “There’s a reason behind that.” One respected boar bristle brand, Mason Pearson, has been in business since 1865. They perfected their products by the 1920s and haven’t changed the designs since. No matter your hair texture, you’re sure to find [... more]

Memphis Style by Moziah

Sometimes cool kids are born, not made. I’m fairly certain that’s the case with Moziah Bridges, who at age 9 launched his own brand of hand-stitched bowties. Each of Mo’s Bows is designed and crafted by Moziah himself. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, the young entrepreneur turned to his grandmother to teach him to design and sew his own bowties. Now at age 12, he’s already earned enough to cover his lunch money for the rest of his education. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go question [... more]

No Iron? No Problem

I try not to buy my clothes on brand name alone. I could care less if my shirt sported a polo horse or an alligator. But if a brand offers a product that consistently exceeds my expectations, I’ll be a fan for life.  And that’s what I’ve found with Brooks Brothers’ Supima® Cotton Non-Iron Sport Shirts, which are soft but sturdy enough to hold a clean shape for years. My collection has grown to eight over the past four years and the oldest ones look just as sharp as [... more]