Kiwi Blueberry Mojito

A delightful twist on a classic cocktail, this Kiwi Blueberry Mojito bursts with sweet fruity flavors yet still maintains the freshness of a mojito that we all love. This particular recipe combines fresh kiwis and blueberries (but you knew that from the name), as well as lime, mint leaves, sparkling water, and rum. Easy enough, right? The creator of this delicious drink chose these fruits because they reflect the colors of her favorite NFL team, the Seattle Seahawks, but even the most die-hard Saints fan can enjoy [... more]

Majoring in Moonshine

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to advance your knowledge—your spirits knowledge, that is. Forget going back to grad school. Instead, consider getting that higher education fill via the daylong enthusiast workshops at Distilled Spirits Epicenter’s Moonshine University in Louisville, Kentucky, to learn everything you need to know about distilling. (It’s cheaper than a full–on degree and a whole lot more fun, I’d wager.) There are also shorter, two-hour classes for those who want a quick primer on bourbon or gin, and the five-day [... more]

A Curious Cocktail Combo

Have you ever been at the farmers market, glanced at the sticks of rhubarb next to bulbs of fennel, and wondered, “What in the world could I do with that?” I sure have. One thing I definitely wouldn’t have thought of was, “Wow, that would make an incredible cocktail,” but here it is! In Rhubarb Fennel Fizz, the rhubarb adds a tart tang and a pretty ruby color to the homemade sweet syrup. The fennel infuses a mild licorice flavor into the gin. Now the true magic [... more]

Let’s Do Lunch

When a beloved dinnertime restaurant announces weekend lunch service, foodies rejoice. So celebrations are eminent at Cane & Table in New Orleans, which launched brunch-heavy lunch service from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in February. Some favorites from dinner (such as the whole fish choices) make an appearance, along with lunch-only sandwiches (the Cuban and Ropa Vieja get shout-outs) and an omelet option. And since Cane & Table was founded by bartenders, drink specials abound along with their already-famous cocktails by mixologist Neal Bodenheimer.

Rolf Lives Up to the Hype

On a recent trip to Nashville, I absolutely had to make a stop at Rolf and Daughters, which Bon Appétit just named one of the best new restaurants in America. I wanted to find out for myself just how great it is. Situated a little out of the way from the honky-tonks on Broadway in the more residential area of Germantown, the restaurant has all the trappings of trendy spots: craft cocktails, communal tables, pendant lights, industrial accents, relaxed server attire. But—confession time—I dig all of this [... more]

Rx for a Good Time

Come with me to the Virgin Islands. Many, many years ago, we visited the islands and found our little piece of paradise. This cocktail, named the Painkiller, takes me back to that glorious place where we enjoyed quite a few of this appropriately named drink. We later found out that it originated there. With only a minimal amount of ingredients, it provides a lot of BANG for your buck (buzz too). A bit of rum, some pineapple juice and orange juice, a splash of coconut cream, and [... more]

Raising the Brewpub Bar

Take a burgeoning craft-beer mecca, add a high foodie quotient, and you have a recipe for lofty expectations for new Charleston, South Carolina, brewpubs. But Edmund’s Oast has a special ingredient: Charleston native chef Andy Henderson, who worked under James Beard award-winning chef Mike Lata at FIG. Taking that experience, Henderson developed a made-from-scratch meat-lovers’ menu including a charcuterie program, cured swordfish, lamb meatballs, and more savory choices with the aim to “be authentic without being pretentious.”     

Best Way to Wake Up

If you read my bio on the Society South contributors’ page, you know I love history. So let’s go down the history path of one of my favorite drinks, the mimosa. Allegedly created in 1925 by Frank Meier at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, the mimosa was actually named after an Australian acacia tree with delicate fernlike leaves and yellow flowers. Given the status of the mimosa’s birthplace, quality champagne and fresh juice are musts. But what brings this Sunrise Mimosa recipe to a superior level is [... more]

An Open Letter to The Commonwealth of Kentucky

Dear Kentucky, Thank you for your endless rolling hills of bluegrass countryside. For thoroughbreds and their annual Run for the Roses. For Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. For Mother’s Day and the “Happy Birthday” song. For Robert Penn Warren and Loretta Lynn. For the heavenly Hot Brown and chocolate in pecan pie. For the Louisville slugger and silver julep cups. For Rosemary Clooney (and George). For the best excuse to wear an enormous floral hat. For Benedictine spread, butter cake, and burgoo. But most of all, Kentucky, thank you for bourbon, which makes you our MVP. We [... more]

Doing His Own Thing & Doing It Right

As owner and bartender at Twelve Mile Limit in New Orleans, T. Cole Newton knows that to be the best you have to be different. Cole began working at a fine dining restaurant and quickly learned that it would not be his calling. After noticing a Mid-City building for sale, just a few blocks from the Canal Street bus line, he jumped on the opportunity to open his own spot. Newton is known for drinks with such interesting names as the Baudin, Wind Up Bird, Gunsmoke, and [... more]

Vodka Made for the South

Not much reminds me of the South more than the sweet aroma of honeysuckle in the thick, humid air. The Cathead Distillery in Madison, Mississippi, is known for supporting live music—and for their Honeysuckle Vodka that needs no mixer. But it can create some pretty amazing cocktails. Distilled six times in small batches, the finished product can’t be duplicated. Cathead distiller Phillip Ladner showcases this unique liquor in a cocktail called the Show Pony, which consists of mint, black pepper simple syrup, Cathead Honeysuckle, and ginger ale. [... more]

Bloody Good!

From the outside, blood oranges look pretty much like every other orange you’ve ever eaten. Nature’s magic is not apparent until you slice into one. Only then will you notice the difference: the ruby-red flesh inside, the intense citrus aroma, the heightened sweetness. The recipe for Blood Orange Mimosas takes full advantage of this fruit’s unique assets. Simply squeeze the oranges, add 2 ounces of juice to a champagne flute, and top with champagne. Garnish each mimosa with a skewer of orange peel and fresh thyme. Gorgeous! [... more]

I Done Did It in Charlottesville

In my opinion, the Skybar in Charlottesville, Virginia, gives you the best view of the historic Downtown Mall. While I was enjoying the sights of the city, I decided to try one of their specialty cocktails, the “Done Did It.” Despite the funny name, this drink was no joke. The Southern Comfort, cider, and ginger beer worked together to pack this cocktail with flavor. The “Done Did It” inspired me to make the extra effort to sip and savor the cocktail. Photo Source: Commonwealth Skybar

Game On

The Goldberg brothers have long been the kings of Nashville’s food and drink empire: They started the local mixology movement with the opening of the Patterson House in 2009; in 2011, they launched Catbird Seat, which is still one of the hardest tables to book in the country; and their most recent enterprise has cemented Max and Ben’s throne. The 13,000-square-foot Pinewood Social, which opened in December 2013, is a cocktail bar and restaurant with a Crema coffee outpost and workstations with free Wi-Fi for those who [... more]