A Toaster for Your iPhone

Never sure where your iPhone charger is because you constantly move it around the house? Then Foaster is for you. This sleek iPhone docking station resembles a toaster (you know, for bread?) and sits on your kitchen counter, perfectly positioned for meal-time charging. The Foaster fits iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C models, and can charge up to two iPhones at once. It’s also designed for easy one-handed docking and un-docking, leaving your other hand free for whatever — say, for eating a piece of actual toast. This amusing gadget began [... more]

In the Jungle

Long subway commutes and road trips can leave you searching for entertainment that you could easily carry with you. This has largely been taken care of by smartphone gaming apps, but oftentimes playing on a small, hard-to-control touch screen gets frustrating quickly. The Razer Junglecat ($100) phone case is designed to make the gaming experience on your phone a much more enjoyable and efficient one. The case is designed with a D-pad, ABXY action buttons and bumpers on a sliding gamepad case that is lightweight and ultra-slim, making [... more]

A Smart Weigh In

The Smart Body Analyzer from Withings ($149.99) puts the average household scale to shame. Unfortunately, watching our weight usually isn’t the only health risk we have to be concerned about. Using this new one-stop health tracking system, you can keep track of weight, as well as body composition, heart rate, and even the air quality that you breathe. The scale tracks three areas of body composition: weight, fat mass and BMI (body mass index), with exceedingly precise accuracy and reliability. You have the ability to track your [... more]

Line-of-Sight Directions

The recently released head-up display, or HUD, from Garmin ($150) offers a new kind of GPS navigation. While many of today’s GPS systems claim to be safe, this one might be the safest yet. Using projection technology, the system displays navigation directly onto the windshield of your car, allowing the driver to keep his or her eyes always on the road. Using a transparent film (included with the product), the system shows your speed, estimated time of arrival, traffic notifications, safety alerts, as well as other helpful [... more]

Turn Lost Into Found

Never lose your keys or other valuables again with the new Bluetooth Stick-N-Find Location Tracker ($50). The device allows you to track up to 20 items at once within 100 feet of your current location. The system is simple; just attach the tracking device to whatever item you choose and let the Bluetooth technology take care of the rest. Available for compatible iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, the device uses the free Radar app so you can track objects with your mobile device. The technology also [... more]

Appily Ever After

You can kiss your wedding planner goodbye. Appy Couple ($35 one-time fee) takes the concept of a wedding web site to the next level, allowing you to not only share information and interact with your guests but also keep all the details organized in one location. From RSVPs and directions to photos and videos, this ultimate wedding web site and app simplifies the wedding-planning process, allowing you to focus on more important things. You can also customize the app’s look and layout to best fit your personality [... more]

Futuristic Fitness Watch

The Polar V800 watch is as futuristic as it sounds. Designed for athletes, the device helps monitor training, sleep, and recovery and even tells time. The watch syncs to your phone or tablet so you can enter your training goals and then see your results. Once you enter your goals in the app, the watch will help you maintain the right pace to accomplish whatever goals you set. What’s more, the Polar V800 ($500) doesn’t stop on the field; it tells you how long you need to [... more]

No More Keys With Kevo

We’ve all been there: You come home with your hands full of heavy bags. You struggle to balance your load while reaching for your keys, but you end up having to drop everything to actually find them. Kwikset’s Kevo makes this problem a thing of the past thanks to Bluetooth technology. Simply link your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to your door lock and then keep your mobile device anywhere on your person. To open the door, all you have to do is touch it with your [... more]

KillSpencer, Not Your iPhone

If you’re like us, your iPhone is one of your most prized possessions. Protect it with the new ultra-thin KILLSPENCER Card Carrier 2.0 case. Both durable and sleek, this phone case combines the beauty of stained wood with the protection of a hard case. As a bonus, the product also helps organize cards, possibly eliminating the need for a wallet or purse. The case holds up to three cards safely and securely in the pebbled-leather pocket on the back. Consolidate your phone and cards with a case [... more]

Mega Music

Listening to music usually requires the assistance of speakers. You connect your iPod, smartphone, or MP3, hit play, and enjoy your playlist. That’s the traditional way to do it; however, you can now amplify your favorite music without any speakers at all. The iPhone Megaphone from en&is plays music as loud as many speaker systems and with the same sound quality. Made for all iPhone models and available in several different colors and sizes, the megaphone features a cornucopia shape designed to optimize your listening experience. Additionally, [... more]

Bluetooth Your Fitness

Wireless earphones are kind of cool. Wireless earphones that track your pace, heart rate, steps, cadence, and oxygen saturation, and act as a bluetooth headset for phone calls—well, that’s a lot of cool. Imagine going on a run and listening to music without getting tangled up in cords. Now, take that scenario a step further: Imagine doing that while gauging nearly every aspect of your fitness along the way. After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign (parent company Bragi raised nearly $3.4 million), The Dash Smart Earphones are [... more]

A Virtual Whiskey Sommelier

A glass of bourbon after a grueling day can be a refreshing thing. So can a nightcap out with old friends. Choosing the right bourbon is half the battle. Fortunately, there’s an app for that. Distiller is like having a whiskey aficionado living inside your iPhone or iPad. You choose the setting of where you’ll be enjoying your drink (on the patio, at a bar, by a fireplace, etc) and your taste preferences, and Distiller creates a tailored list of recommendations, complete with tasting notes and a [... more]

Picture Perfect

Taking videos with your phone represents a great technological achievement—provided you hold your phone correctly. One of my biggest Internet pet peeves is videos shot by “videographers” who record while holding their phones vertically. Sure, it looks fine on your phone, but once you post it online, the two black bars take over most of the screen. The Horizon app offers a solution to this problem by helping anyone compensate for a bad shot. The innovative app, available on iOS, allows you to shoot horizontal video from [... more]

Feed the Pig

Back in the day, you deposited coins in a pig-shaped container destined to meet his demise when the time came. Now, the piggy bank has evolved for the 21st century. Porkfolio, a modern coin bank and app, electronically keeps track of your money while also helping you set goals. With a nose that lights up when you feed him spare change, the little piglet comes in a variety of colors and connects to most smart phones. Kids can learn money management with the help of this smart [... more]

Digital Storyteller

Of late, whenever Facebook launches a new mobile app, it’s a lackluster affair. The app doesn’t catch fire and eventually fizzles out. However, with their new Paper app, I think they may have finally figured out mobile. Paper offers a user experience very similar to Flipboard. Basically, it arranges information the way the mobile version of Newsfeed should. It helps you organize your feed into different sections (i.e. News, Humor, Tech, etc.) and maintains all the Facebook functionality you would find with its original app. You can [... more]