Sing Like No One Can Hear You

You don’t have to look far for a reason to celebrate these days. There are at least a few hilarious, bizarre holidays each month that offer an excuse to have a little fun. April’s National Karaoke Week (this year, April 20-26) will have you dancing and singing in the streets. Be sure to gather your closest friends for an entire week of belting tunes at the top of your lungs and releasing all those pent-up emotions you didn’t even realize you had. Feeling spunky? Bust out your [... more]

Fine Art Festival

Celebrate art and the environment at ArtFields in historic Lake City, South Carolina, on April 25 through May 4, 2014. Billed as “the South’s most engaging art festival,” the 10-day event honors imaginative thinkers with a juried art show, live music, a farmer’s market, delicious Southern food, a portrait contest, and much more. Walk the Art Walk to discover original works from talented artists hailing from all over the South, and then be sure to vote for your favorite to receive the People’s Choice Award.

The Truth Will Set You Free

Truth & Salvage Co. has emerged as one of the South’s hottest new bands. Originally from North Carolina, the six-man group relocated to Los Angeles, but recently settled in back down South in Nashville, Tennessee, to work on their music, a blending of country rock, folk, gospel, and indie pop. “We’re really not aiming to be any kind of genre band,” said Walker Young (piano, organ, vocals). “Everybody writes and everybody has different styles they gravitate toward. When we bring it together it becomes our sound.” In [... more]

Groundbreaking Blues

The Blues began in the fields of Southern plantations and took hold in honky-tonk hole-in-the-wall places. So for an authentic Blues experience, head to Clarksdale, Mississippi’s divey Ground Zero Blues Club. (Some people even believe that Clarksdale is the birthplace of the Blues.) Co-owned by actor Morgan Freeman, the bar presents live music four nights a week. National acts occasionally occupy the plywood stage, but more often than not, you’ll find local musicians following in the footsteps of great Delta Blues artists. Good things are often repeated, [... more]

Let’s Hangout!

Early summertime has become synonymous with Music Festival Season for many avid concertgoers. One of the emerging festivals of the South, Hangout Music Festival (also known as “Hangout Fest”) takes place on the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. Expected to draw 35,000 attendees, this year’s event (May 16-18) will feature several popular musical acts including Wiz Khalifa, Outkast, The Killers, Pretty Lights, and Chance the Rapper, among many others. Ticket prices vary from around $200 to upwards of $1,500 depending on the kind of experience you [... more]

Everything But Overalls

The Overall Company is certainly both a local favorite and a beloved tourist attraction for those who pass through Opelika, Alabama, on their way to an Auburn University football game. Named for a pre-Civil War overall maker that once occupied the building, the artisan pop factory/coffee bar/restaurant/live music venue keeps people coming back with its unique and eclectic offerings. The restaurant resembles a large renovated barn with its rustic, down-home feel. The simple menu features only a few delicious specialties, but anything you order won’t disappoint. After [... more]

A Folk Family

A combination of Americana and rock, Delta Rae’s most recent EP, Chasing Twisters, provides a soulful collection of songs clearly rooted in their hometown of Durham, North Carolina. The group began as a trio of siblings, Ian and Eric Holljes, and sister, Brittany Holljes, and later became the sextet they are now with the addition of singer and friend Elizabeth Hopkins, drummer Mike McKee, and bassist Grant Emerson. Together, they produce exquisite four-part harmonies, intricate instrumental interludes, and storytelling lyrics that will set your heart soaring and [... more]

Lucy Hale: Changing Tunes

With the release of her first single, Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale takes the leap from acting to music. “You Sound Good to Me,” off of her debut album “Road Between,” dropped in January. Though the Tennessee native won the FOX singing show American Juniors at the age of 13, when she and her mother moved out to Los Angeles to find a record deal, she found acting gigs rather than opportunities in music. Now Lucy is back on her original track and even lent a [... more]

And the Beat Goes On

Making an appearance on many Top 100 Free Apps lists, Beats Music recreates the way we listen to music on our phones. The app streams “the right music at the right time,” pulling from more than 20 million tunes. If you don’t know what you are in the mood for, Beats Music allows you to fill in the blanks of a “sentence” and it plays music to fit your mood. For example, “I’m at a party & feel like dancing with my BFF to Pop music.” The [... more]

Avett Brothers Touring the South

The Avett Brothers, that red-hot band from North Carolina, begin the Southern leg of their tour March 20 in Savannah, Georgia. From there, they perform across Florida and into Louisiana and Texas. The highly touted trio—their original sound has been described as the “heavy sadness of Townes Van Zandt, the light pop concision of Buddy Holly, the tuneful jangle of the Beatles, and the raw energy of the Ramones”—rushed onto the music scene in 2009 with their break-out single “I and Love and You,” and shows no [... more]

Tune Up Your Home

If you want an iPhone docking station in your house to listen to music, you could go out and buy a new station and speakers. But wouldn’t it be easier to just use the ones you already have? That’s where Beep comes in. It can transmit music to any speaker with an RCA jack or aux input. To setup, just connect Beep to your speakers and input your WiFi password into the corresponding app (available for both iOS and Android). Voilà! You’ve transformed that old speaker into [... more]

Soul Survivor

Already a certified force of nature even before overcoming cancer in 2013, singer Sharon Jones announces her thunderous return with Give the People What They Want. The album and supporting tour were put on hold as she battled and ultimately beat the illness, and now we can, in fact, get what we want with 10 blasts of pristine and life-affirming soul music backed by the watertight and always excellent Dap-Kings band. If you’re not familiar with Jones, click above and watch the video for “Stranger To My [... more]