Nashville’s New Sinema

Nashville’s brand new restaurant Sinema opened June 27 and has some big plans. Its goal is to provide an accessible fine dining experience with modern spins on classic dishes. The menu is full of a diverse arrangement of American foods, while staying unique to Nashville traditions and flavors. Dale Levitski, winner of many awards and the runner-up on the third season of Top Chef, came down from Chicago to start Sinema and has been working hard with Q-Juan Taylor to mesh hospitality with fine dining. The interior [... more]

An Industrial Chic Luminary

This Decker Table Lamp ($365) from Southern Lights Electric in Nashville, Tennessee adds an industrial element to any space. This handmade product has a solid wood base that is felt-lined to prevent scratching surfaces. Also featuring a turnkey socket for easy operation, the lamp’s exposed cord creates an effortless look to the piece. The arms are made of steel and brass and are fully adjustable, reaching and moving in a variety of directions and positions. Each lighting project made by Southern Lights Electric is handmade and packed [... more]

The Last Bag You’ll Ever Buy

You can count on using luggage for the rest of your life, so it makes sense to get bags that look timeless and will last forever. Emil Erwin, a Nashville, Tennessee-based leather and canvas goods company, patterns, cuts, sews, and assembles each bag by hand in its studio. The brand’s shoulder bags beautifully hold your laptop, lunch, work files, and whatever else you feel like putting in them. They’ll cause the grumpy old guy at the office to do a double take, but decades down the road [... more]

Add This to Your Playlist

Indie rock band The Apache Relay delivers easy vibes and smooth rhythms on tracks that may just become your new summer anthems. Catchy tunes such as “Katie Queen of Tennessee” and “American Nomad” feel as if they were written for driving with sunglasses on and windows down. Members Michael Ford, Jr., Mike Harris, Brett Moore, and Kellen Wenrich got their start in 2008 while attending Belmont University together in Nashville, Tennessee, and later released their first album in 2009. Ford, Jr.’s brother, Ben Ford, and Steve Smith [... more]

Road Trip-Worthy Tacos

If you’re hungry for authentic Southern, Southwestern, and Mexican fare, then you may want to join the line outside Taqueria del Sol. At first glance, you realize this isn’t your usual dining establishment. Lines often snake outside the door, but thankfully tables turn over very quickly. The popular restaurant wows with savory from-scratch dishes served quickly within a casual setting. Menu options include the Brisket, a flour tortilla with shredded beef topped with pico de gallo, and the Memphis, a juicy, smoked and chopped pork soft taco [... more]

Family & Fashion

Denim geniuses and real-life couple Carrie and Matt Eddmenson built their fashion and lifestyle brand, Imogene + Willie, to honor their eight grandparents, two of whom provide the brand’s name. Drawing inspiration from the dedication and hard work Carrie and Matt saw in their grandparents’ lives, the Nashville, Tennessee-based clothing company strives to produce functional, durable, and comfortable products—notably their fantastically crafted jeans for both men and women—made with love and compassion. It’s heartwarming and refreshing to see a design team so rooted in family values and [... more]

One-Stop Music

Do you like discovering new music? What about vintage and newly released music records? If you answered “yes” to either question, we suggest a visit to Nashville, Tennessee’s Grimey’s and The Basement. Located in the heart of the music industry, Grimey’s is a music shop where customers can buy and sell CDs, DVDs, and vinyl records. Here, customers can also listen to music and even hear live performances. Downstairs, The Basement nightclub offers a venue for up-and-coming artists to share their music and oftentimes gain popularity. Headliners [... more]

In Rhythm With Nature

Inspired by the rhythms and changing forms of the landscape, Anna Jaap uses printmaking, drawing, and painting to create soothing masterpieces with multilayered surfaces. Currently living in Nashville, Tennessee, the Texas native muses upon organic forms that can be seen at a microscopic level, but also enjoys pairing polar opposites and finding a balance between them. Her work exemplifies her belief in the power of beauty as well as the time and effort that she puts into each piece. Anna’s art consists of multiple layers and a [... more]

Less Is More

Union Common, the soon-to-open restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, bills itself as “a non-traditional steakhouse.” This may sound like an oxymoron since you can’t get much more traditional than steak, but unlike conventional steakhouses, Union Common will forsake the monster-size portions mentality for a fresh approach: small, shared plates. Considered a “social concept steakhouse,” Union Common encourages group dining. Brett Davis, one of the owners, explains, “We chose the name ‘Union Common’ because we want it to be about people coming together and breaking bread, sharing their time [... more]

Loads to Tote

Women are eternally searching for the perfect leather tote, one that’s big enough to hold their entire lives, yet small enough to easily manage. Well ladies, look no further than the Horween Leather Tote by Annie Williams. The Nashville, Tennessee-based singer-turned-designer follows a minimalist design principle by putting a heavy emphasis on the functionality and natural beauty of the hides. This particular tote sports a beautiful rustic, marble-like finish and comes with either an open top or a zipper closure. Providing the size and sturdiness you need, [... more]

The Truth Will Set You Free

Truth & Salvage Co. has emerged as one of the South’s hottest new bands. Originally from North Carolina, the six-man group relocated to Los Angeles, but recently settled in back down South in Nashville, Tennessee, to work on their music, a blending of country rock, folk, gospel, and indie pop. “We’re really not aiming to be any kind of genre band,” said Walker Young (piano, organ, vocals). “Everybody writes and everybody has different styles they gravitate toward. When we bring it together it becomes our sound.” In [... more]

It Started With a Homebrewing Kit

Yazoo Brewing Company in Nashville, Tennessee, has become a much larger operation than founder/brewmaster Linus Hall ever expected. In the beginning, Linus and his wife, Lila, sold Yazoo Pale Ale, Dos Perros, Spring Wheat, and Onward Stout to local bars in Nashville, and a loyal following blossomed. I toured the brewery on a recent Saturday, and sampled each beer. The staff offered an up-close opportunity to learn more about each brew and the taproom did not disappoint.

Rolf Lives Up to the Hype

On a recent trip to Nashville, I absolutely had to make a stop at Rolf and Daughters, which Bon Appétit just named one of the best new restaurants in America. I wanted to find out for myself just how great it is. Situated a little out of the way from the honky-tonks on Broadway in the more residential area of Germantown, the restaurant has all the trappings of trendy spots: craft cocktails, communal tables, pendant lights, industrial accents, relaxed server attire. But—confession time—I dig all of this [... more]

Kickin’ It In Style

I bought these Peter Nappi Sofia boots because I saw a friend wearing them and decided I had to have them. I’ve never been happier with a purchase! The tall, lace-up boots feel so luxurious—real leather has a certain texture you simply cannot match with a synthetic material. And the burnished brown color works well with so many of my outfits. Even more important, after a long day, my feet feel great, which makes these boots worth their fairly hefty price ($750).             [... more]

Pocket Square Perfected

Do one thing and do it better than anyone else. The new brand New York to Nashville set out to perfect an often-overlooked accessory, the pocket square. Using reclaimed fabrics that once made up old flannel shirts, vintage American flags, and even women’s dresses, each hand-stitched pocket square has a story to tell. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, owner Danielle Romero draws inspiration from the city the brand was born in. “There is a beautiful balance of drawing from the Old South with a spirit of reinvention,” she says. [... more]