Appily Ever After

You can kiss your wedding planner goodbye. Appy Couple ($35 one-time fee) takes the concept of a wedding web site to the next level, allowing you to not only share information and interact with your guests but also keep all the details organized in one location. From RSVPs and directions to photos and videos, this ultimate wedding web site and app simplifies the wedding-planning process, allowing you to focus on more important things. You can also customize the app’s look and layout to best fit your personality [... more]

Flexible Foreshadowing

A creative book-storage solution, this unique shelving system morphs into different shapes depending on how you arrange your books. Called Chuck, the shelving, which consists of six flexible wood planks and two stainless steel locking collars, looks like an ordinary wall shelf at first glance. But as you begin to add books, it takes on wave-like shapes that turn the system into an art piece. Thanks to its skillfully designed combination of flexibility and stability, Chuck won the 2014 Red Dot Design Award for furniture and is [... more]

KillSpencer, Not Your iPhone

If you’re like us, your iPhone is one of your most prized possessions. Protect it with the new ultra-thin KILLSPENCER Card Carrier 2.0 case. Both durable and sleek, this phone case combines the beauty of stained wood with the protection of a hard case. As a bonus, the product also helps organize cards, possibly eliminating the need for a wallet or purse. The case holds up to three cards safely and securely in the pebbled-leather pocket on the back. Consolidate your phone and cards with a case [... more]

Shelve the Discussion

Where do you keep your favorite reading material, book lovers? Unless you have a private library, the stacks of books that you accumulate can overtake your living spaces. Organize your collection of bestsellers with a fun and creative bookshelf. Imaginative options range from whimsical sayings to geometric shapes. One product labels the shelves “Has been read” and “Will be read” to keep your tomes separated. Another spells out the word “Read” in massive letters, which you fill in with your reading collection. Books add culture and entertainment [... more]

Meeting Essential

When my Evernote moleskin finally ran out of pages, it was a sad day for me. I used my moleskin for taking meeting notes and loved it. But rather than replace it, I decided to try something different. Luckily, Action Method had something in mind. If you’re like me and take a lot of notes in meetings but can’t remember (or find) the action items to accomplish later, this notebook will be right up your alley. The Action Book has a runner along the side of the [... more]