Picture Books for Grown-Ups

If you’re tired of having friends over who automatically reach for their iPhones to scroll through Twitter and Instagram as soon as they hit your couch, then put one of these books from Assouline on your coffee table. These large, hardback books claim to be “The most sophisticated books in the world” and certainly cover a plethora of interesting subject matter. The books are heavily image driven and the majority of them center around the themes of art, fashion and design. This will allow you to express [... more]

Capturing the Future

The new Lytro Illum Camera ($1,499 for preorder) offers a sneak peek into the promise of light-field photography while also giving the camera a chic updated look. Instead of having to deal with studio light and impossible glare edits, this innovative piece of technology allows photographers (no matter the level of experience) to snap away without lighting restrictions. Not new to the world of high-end photography, Lytro introduced in 2012 the world’s first consumer light-field camera, which provided photographic capabilities never before possible, such as focusing an image [... more]

Look the Part

In this digital age, carrying a camera wherever you go has become practically second nature, and it’s usually in the form of your smartphone. However, some occasions require higher quality equipment, like a bona fide camera. For those times, you also want to do better than a cheap black strap and a bright yellow vinyl bag. Wotancraft’s Historian Leica Halfcase for Leica cameras allows you to carry your camera in classic, handmade style. Sophisticated and vintage-inspired, this leather half-case and strap set is just as durable as [... more]