Six Pack That Lasts

Sure, you can use that cardboard six-pack holder when you pick out some craft beers at your local grocery. You can even use it as a sauce holder for the picnic table for summer barbecues. But after you have one or two, the rest just become trash. Or you could walk into your local craft beer store or brewery in style with this Walnut Spartan Carton leather six-pack holder that will last for years to come.   It is made to hold up to the elements and [... more]

Stand Out From the Pack

Guys don’t have nearly as many options as women when it comes to carrying their stuff around. There’s the business briefcase, the sporty backpack, the utilitarian messenger bag, and…that’s about it. The San Francisco-based company Everlane combines the function of a backpack with the utilitarian style of a messenger bag with its casual chic Twill Snap Backpack ($65). Relatively small in size, this backpack will hold all of your necessary day-to-day and travel needs without being bulky or cumbersome. As a brand, Everlane designs and produces its [... more]

Men Have Skin Too

Men often overlook their bodies’ largest organ, their skin, thinking it may seem feminine to take care of it with lotions, balms and creams. However, since you’re going to be stuck in your skin just as long as any lady is, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start paying attention to it. Guys, let us introduce you to Ursa Major. The company’s line of skin care products, targeted specifically for men, provides a combination of all-natural ingredients coupled with a highly pleasurable experience for its users. [... more]

An Industrial Chic Luminary

This Decker Table Lamp ($365) from Southern Lights Electric in Nashville, Tennessee adds an industrial element to any space. This handmade product has a solid wood base that is felt-lined to prevent scratching surfaces. Also featuring a turnkey socket for easy operation, the lamp’s exposed cord creates an effortless look to the piece. The arms are made of steel and brass and are fully adjustable, reaching and moving in a variety of directions and positions. Each lighting project made by Southern Lights Electric is handmade and packed [... more]

A Smart Weigh In

The Smart Body Analyzer from Withings ($149.99) puts the average household scale to shame. Unfortunately, watching our weight usually isn’t the only health risk we have to be concerned about. Using this new one-stop health tracking system, you can keep track of weight, as well as body composition, heart rate, and even the air quality that you breathe. The scale tracks three areas of body composition: weight, fat mass and BMI (body mass index), with exceedingly precise accuracy and reliability. You have the ability to track your [... more]

The Soap Doctor

The creator of this Dr. Bronner’s organic soap was a third-generation soap maker named Emanuel Bronner. After escaping Nazi Germany, he continued to make soap by hand in his California home. The labels of the liquid product are covered in small print that express his moral philosophy and say things such as, “Human race the Moral ABC of All-One-God-Faith! For we’re All-One or none!” But what’s most interesting about this soap is the number of uses the maker claims it has; with the phrase “18-in-1” on the [... more]

Coal Care

You may not immediately associate charcoal with skin and hair care, but activated charcoal boosts beauty benefits by drawing out oil, dirt, and other harmful toxins from clogged pores and follicles. Many beauty and health companies now recognize the advantages of charcoal and incorporate the ingredient into products, such as Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask ($34) and Sort of Coal’s Kuro Shampoo ($35). While it seems strange seeing your face covered in a dark gray cream, reviews promise an almost instantaneous improvement in the appearance of your skin, [... more]

Flexible Foreshadowing

A creative book-storage solution, this unique shelving system morphs into different shapes depending on how you arrange your books. Called Chuck, the shelving, which consists of six flexible wood planks and two stainless steel locking collars, looks like an ordinary wall shelf at first glance. But as you begin to add books, it takes on wave-like shapes that turn the system into an art piece. Thanks to its skillfully designed combination of flexibility and stability, Chuck won the 2014 Red Dot Design Award for furniture and is [... more]

Futuristic Fitness Watch

The Polar V800 watch is as futuristic as it sounds. Designed for athletes, the device helps monitor training, sleep, and recovery and even tells time. The watch syncs to your phone or tablet so you can enter your training goals and then see your results. Once you enter your goals in the app, the watch will help you maintain the right pace to accomplish whatever goals you set. What’s more, the Polar V800 ($500) doesn’t stop on the field; it tells you how long you need to [... more]

Join The Club

This service offers an affordable solution for any guy who shaves and finds himself in the predicament of constantly buying new razors or scraping by with dull ones. For just one dollar a month, the Dollar Shave Club (DSC) will send you a pack of five new razors so you never have to worry about buying them again. With your first purchase, you get the handle for no extra charge; then you can expect the razors the same time every month. The $1 per month razors have two [... more]

A Most Beautiful Flashlight

If you’re like us, you hide your flashlight in a drawer, under the sink, or on a shelf in the laundry room. Then, when the power goes out, you fumble around in the dark trying to locate it. Well, no more. The sleek and attractive Trioh! Flashlight demands a place out in the open, making it more accessible in times of need. This device serves three functions: as a standard flashlight, as an emergency light (it automatically turns on when the power goes out), and as an [... more]

Portuguese, Please

Since 1868, Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen has produced exquisite timepieces boasting technical innovation, precision engineering, and unique design. The brand’s Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Watch ($37,100-$56,400) continues that tradition with its seven-day automatic movement with Pellaton winding system, power reserve display, and perpetual calendar with four-digit year display. Not to mention its gorgeous aesthetics: rich alligator leather band, elegant moon phase display, and see-through sapphire-glass back. This watch truly leaves no wish unfulfilled and suits any occasion, from a day at the park to a black-tie affair.

No More Keys With Kevo

We’ve all been there: You come home with your hands full of heavy bags. You struggle to balance your load while reaching for your keys, but you end up having to drop everything to actually find them. Kwikset’s Kevo makes this problem a thing of the past thanks to Bluetooth technology. Simply link your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to your door lock and then keep your mobile device anywhere on your person. To open the door, all you have to do is touch it with your [... more]

Get Sauced!

Just in time for the peak of grill season, Trifecta Gourmet Sauces adds a new product to its line of succulent, lick-off-your-fingers barbecue sauces. Joining the company’s existing three flavors—Original BBQ, Sweet Heat BBQ, and Blazing BBQ—Kentucky Bourbon Marinade blends sweet brown sugar, tangy citrus, a mix of vinegars, and Kentucky bourbon whiskey. And like the other three Trifecta sauces, the marinade is both all-natural and gluten-free. Order your bottle today and experience the rich taste of Kentucky’s signature bourbon.        Photo Credit: Trifecta Gourmet [... more]

Capturing the Future

The new Lytro Illum Camera ($1,499 for preorder) offers a sneak peek into the promise of light-field photography while also giving the camera a chic updated look. Instead of having to deal with studio light and impossible glare edits, this innovative piece of technology allows photographers (no matter the level of experience) to snap away without lighting restrictions. Not new to the world of high-end photography, Lytro introduced in 2012 the world’s first consumer light-field camera, which provided photographic capabilities never before possible, such as focusing an image [... more]