How to be a Stylish Man

It may just be us, but some of the clothes we see on the runway these days seem to be nothing more than explosions of ridiculousness. And quite frankly, we would like to see more examples of classic style without all the hype. Mr. Porter is one of the most well-renowned resources for men’s style choices, which is why we think The Manual for a Stylish Life: Volume 2 is the style outlet for the modern man. The kind of guy who goes to work, and out [... more]

Picture Books for Grown-Ups

If you’re tired of having friends over who automatically reach for their iPhones to scroll through Twitter and Instagram as soon as they hit your couch, then put one of these books from Assouline on your coffee table. These large, hardback books claim to be “The most sophisticated books in the world” and certainly cover a plethora of interesting subject matter. The books are heavily image driven and the majority of them center around the themes of art, fashion and design. This will allow you to express [... more]

Graveyard Shift

Avid readers might remember John Berendt’s New York Times Bestselling Novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil featuring Savannah, Georgia’s very real Bonaventure Cemetery. Even if ghosts and evil give you goose bumps, you’ll find the area’s most famous cemetery a hauntingly beautiful spot to visit. Among the century-old live oaks covered in Spanish moss, lovely details can be found on every tombstone and family crypt as you make your way through the hundred-acre plot. Stop at Gracie Watson’s statue and see if her stone [... more]

Flexible Foreshadowing

A creative book-storage solution, this unique shelving system morphs into different shapes depending on how you arrange your books. Called Chuck, the shelving, which consists of six flexible wood planks and two stainless steel locking collars, looks like an ordinary wall shelf at first glance. But as you begin to add books, it takes on wave-like shapes that turn the system into an art piece. Thanks to its skillfully designed combination of flexibility and stability, Chuck won the 2014 Red Dot Design Award for furniture and is [... more]

A Blog You Should Be Reading

We all need a little inspiration and distraction in our daily lives, and sometimes Pinterest just doesn’t quite cut it. The next time you’re in need of a fresh perspective, we suggest checking out House of Harper, a fabulous lifestyle, travel, and fashion blog run by Texas native Caroline Harper Knapp. The 10-year fashion-industry veteran now calls New York home, but is still a Southerner at heart. Caroline’s photos of her personal outfits and home décor exude a sophisticated and relaxed style that perfectly combines her Texas [... more]

A Southern Writer Flies High

A small-town girl from Greenwood, Mississippi, Donna Tartt finds herself in the national spotlight with the release of her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Goldfinch. The novel was heavily anticipated by the author’s fans (it’s been more than 10 years since her last book) and for good reason. Winner of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, her third work continues to receive awards, including its addition to the New York Times Book Review’s list of the 10 Best Books of 2013 and Amazon Editors’ Top 20 Picks for [... more]

Botany and Booze

Garden writer Amy Stewart recently released her book The Drunken Botanist, which brims with historical notes and fascinating anecdotes on the connection between plants and common spirits. The author admits to owning a garden in her own backyard full of plants specifically grown to use in cocktails. She encourages others to “grow things that you actually like to drink, but at the same time, be open to surprises.” A New York Times bestselling author, bookstore owner, and public speaker, Amy also works more than 50 cocktail recipes [... more]

Shelve the Discussion

Where do you keep your favorite reading material, book lovers? Unless you have a private library, the stacks of books that you accumulate can overtake your living spaces. Organize your collection of bestsellers with a fun and creative bookshelf. Imaginative options range from whimsical sayings to geometric shapes. One product labels the shelves “Has been read” and “Will be read” to keep your tomes separated. Another spells out the word “Read” in massive letters, which you fill in with your reading collection. Books add culture and entertainment [... more]

The Thrill of The Chase

In their newest book, New York Times-bestselling authors Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg deliver fast-paced thrills that will leave you wanting more. The Chase is the second book in the duo’s Fox and O’Hare series about a world-renown con man and the FBI agent forced to work with him. Together, Evanovich and Goldberguse humor and outlandish characters to develop an action-packed novel that will keep you guessing. These two endure death threats, evil henchmen, and their inescapable attraction in order to reclaim a priceless Chinese heirloom.

The Power of Poetry

Words can powerfully affect your mood, so picking up an inspiring read whenever you’re feeling a little down or overwhelmed can significantly improve your general outlook. Intended to stimulate a reader’s emotions, poetry’s lyrical language, images, and rhythm can inspire creativity, help you relax, or simply allow you to enjoy something beautiful. We suggest the 2013 National Book Award winner Incarnadine by Mary Szybist. Centered on the reimagined experiences of Mary, the mother of Jesus, this collection explores mankind’s struggle to find faith and delves into the [... more]

Cover Model

When we read a good book, often our first inclination is to tell absolutely everyone we know about it. Now there are T-shirts that can tell the world for you. Out of Print specializes in merchandise featuring art and quotes from classic literature, such as Slaughterhouse-Five, The Great Gatsby, Brave New World, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Sun Also Rises, and many more. Their graphic tees ($28) are particularly delightful. The super soft shirts mostly feature original book jackets, making for interesting and recognizable apparel. So, [... more]

Keeping Score

One of the many things I love about baseball is its rich history and layers upon layers of quirks and stories. Back in the day, people used to maintain that history by keeping score at games, but as people have moved into the digital age this simple act has become a lost art. Several years ago, I supported The Eephus League’s Baseball Scorebook Revival Project on Kickstarter, and I have bought their scorebooks every season since. Each year at baseball games I’m approached by fans asking about [... more]

Great Read

Divergent was making headlines long before it hit theaters. The first of a three-part series, the New York Times bestseller by Veronica Roth depicts a dystopian society where citizens must divide into five factions at the age of 16. Beatrice, the main character, tries to decide whether she should be in a faction where she can stay with her family or become who she really is. Her choice surprises everyone, and as she continues on to the initiation process, she encounters physical tests, consequences, and romance. We [... more]

A Poignant Journey

Need a break? Lose yourself in Wild, the award-winning memoir of writer Cheryl Strayed. Cheryl hits rock bottom after her mother’s passing. Soon after, she impulsively heads out West to hike thousands of miles spanning the Pacific Crest Trail. Brave, honest, and real, Wild weaves between stories from her past and her year on the trail. It tells of healing and recovery from great loss and pain. Despite misfortunes along the trail, Cheryl keeps moving forward and is reborn. Join her on her journey and you too [... more]

A Boy and His Tiger

Many people have a classic book that, when they read it for the first time, changed their lives. For me, it was Yukon, Ho!, one of the many collections of Calvin and Hobbes comics by Bill Watterson. I instantly related to Calvin and his experiences with his parents, friends, and school (though I may have been a better student) and was drawn in by the dynamic and rich drawing style. The entire 10-year syndicated collection is available in a special hardcover box set called The Complete Calvin [... more]