In Sharp Contrast

Painting windows, molding, baseboards, and other trim a dark color emphasizes architectural details and can transform the space into a dramatic and updated look. Bold yet elegant, this unexpected design trick provides the perfect combination of traditional and modern style. From basic black and gray to rich shades of midnight blue and forest green, the dark hue creates a custom look that adds personality and impact to your home. Going dark seems daunting at first, but remember that it’s just paint and can be changed easily for [... more]

Bold Integrations

Let boring all-beige rooms be a thing of the past. Today, the talk of the town revolves around saturated colors. Interior design pros everywhere are forgoing our standard go-to neutrals for deeper and brighter color options such as royal blue, plum, and dark green. But remember, going bold doesn’t mean you have to paint an entire room; instead, sprinkle in pops of color with one or two pieces of furniture, or with accessories such as rugs, curtains, or throw pillows. As you gain confidence, you can begin [... more]

How Low Will You Go?

A mattress on the floor brings back memories of your first college apartment when the luxury of owning a bed wasn’t in the cards. Now, the minimalistic look has made a comeback and not just with the young 20-somethings. It appeals to all demographics for its low, understated profile and elemental comfort. Some like the simple elegance of the mattress on the floor because it takes up very little space, making the room appear larger. The problem we’ve noticed, however, is finding a nightstand the appropriate height. [... more]

Old-World Luxury

When I was looking to buy my first house, a number of “must haves” won out over the luxury of a large bath. But if I ever move, one of the items that I’m sure I’ll be looking for is a bathroom large enough for a clawfoot tub. Just looking at a photo of one of these classic and elegantly shaped tubs relaxes me a little, which tells me that actually having one will feel all the more indulgent.