5 de Mayo: Tex-Mex Squash

The produce section of the grocery store offers many kinds of brightly colored squash in all shapes and sizes. One you don’t hear much about is the spaghetti squash. (When cooked, the inside of this squash resembles—you guessed it—spaghetti. Thus, the name.) You might wonder what in the world you could possibly make with such a thing? Well, for starters, this recipe for Southwestern Stuffed Spaghetti Squash. A Mexican-style mixture of garlic, red onions, jalapeños, bell pepper, black beans, corn, and spaghetti squash fills the hollowed-out squash [... more]

Get Your Grill On

Some of summer’s best recipes call for grilling, and this recipe for Grilled Cherry Tomato Skewers on Toast takes advantage of the season’s fresh bounty. Roasting the tomatoes enhances their natural flavor. Let them soak in an olive oil-based marinade before grilling, and season to taste afterward. Be sure to soak the wooden skewers for about 30 minutes beforehand to prevent them from burning. These tomatoes taste great alone or atop a slice of crusty bread smeared with creamy ricotta cheese.

You Had Us at “Truffled”

Add truffles to anything and we’re hooked. Baked and Truffled Mac and Cheese with Prosciutto and herbed breadcrumbs elevates your stand-by mac-n-cheese recipe to an entirely new level. While the name might sound fancy, the soon-to-be dinnertime favorite whips up surprisingly fast. A medley of fresh cheeses—gruyère, white cheddar, and parmigiano reggiano—creates a rich and creamy texture, while diced prosciutto adds a salty crunch. If you prefer a crispier top, run the dish under the broiler for a few minutes.

Garlic Gets Its Day

Salute National Garlic Day (today, April 19) with a delicious treat that showcases this pungent little bulb. With its tantalizing aromas and melt-in-your-mouth goodness, garlic bread serves as the ultimate comfort food. This recipe for The Best Homemade Garlic Bread leaves your taste buds begging for the entire loaf. For the best flavor, make sure to use fresh garlic (not canned) and a generous amount of garlic salt. Another must is premium olive oil; we recommend Georgia Olive Farms Extra Virgin. Lastly, shop around for the freshest [... more]

Devilishly Good Easter Eggs

Vivid memories of childhood Easters involve brightly decorated baskets, chocolate bunnies, and, of course, dyed eggs. As an adult, you can still enjoy those cherished traditions, just in a more grown-up fashion. This recipe for Dyed Deviled Eggs lets you re-create those memories, but the end result tastes so much better than a plain hard-boiled egg. Similar to dying eggs in their shell, the process requires food coloring and vinegar (this recipe adds a teaspoon of apple cider to each color). Get creative and tie-dye a few [... more]

Asparagus in a Blanket

How do you like your asparagus prepared? Oven-roasted, steamed, grilled, pickled, sautéed, microwaved, deep-fried, blanched, or broiled? The options seem endless and each is delicious in its own right. I am excited to share with you another tasty option: Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus. Adding that one extra ingredient to this green veggie spear will elevate the flavor and turn it into a favorite finger food. Trim an inch from the end of the asparagus and cut prosciutto strips in half. Wrap the thin slice of meat around the spear, [... more]

Stacked With Flavor

An inventive take on a Caprese salad, Fried Mozzarella, Basil, and Nectarine Stacks make the perfect appetizer or mid-afternoon treat. The pan-fried mozzarella and peach stacks combine with some fresh basil and a balsamic glaze to produce a fantastic combination of flavors. Pan seared or grilled, the peaches pair perfectly with the mozzarella. Just be sure to use ripe peaches for a nice, soft consistency. To assemble, stack a peach slice, a fried mozzarella slice, and a basil leaf. Repeat once more, and top it off with [... more]

Healthier French Fries

A guilty pleasure, French fries make us weak in the knees. Thankfully, with this recipe for Crunchy Baked Fries, you can eat them with no regrets. This healthier alternative gives you the crispy texture of the fried version but uses olive oil and a dash of sea salt to lower the fat but maintain the flavor. Bake them at 450 degrees for about 20 to 30 minutes (or a little longer, depending on how crispy you like them). You’ll find them so simple and delicious that you [... more]

Comfort Food Makeover

Something amazing happens when onions cook in a saucepan with melted butter for a long period of time. They transform from your average vegetable into something savory. Caramelizing onions begins the process of making one of my all–time favorite recipes: French Onion Soup.  If you enjoy the bold flavor as much as I do, then you’ll love French Onion Cheese Bread. This recipe gets an unexpected makeover that not only looks great but also tastes great too. So forget your spoon.  Biting into a piece of this [... more]

It Tastes as Good as It Smells

Every time I make this fabulous Roasted Asparagus dish, the aroma wafts through my house as if I have air fresheners in every room. I discovered my love for rosemary (and its heavenly scent) many years ago while visiting California, where it grows wild. We stayed at The Beltane Ranch in Glen Ellen on one of our wine expeditions. Every breakfast included fresh rosemary, and the powerful flavor of this herb just won me over. Now we grow several bushes beside our herb garden, and each time [... more]

Tickled Pink

Let’s get real: Sometimes your typical loaf of bread gets boring! A delicious alternative, Cherry Bread With Cherry-Almond Glaze has a beautiful pink hue and offers a refreshing sweetness your run-of-the-mill bread lacks. Light, fluffy, and moist, this bread is perfect for a decadent Sunday brunch or as a snack alongside a large glass of milk. Small chunks of maraschino cherries throughout the bread hint at its rich cherry flavor. The icing on the cake, or in this case, bread, is the warm cherry-almond glaze made of [... more]

Kale Me Crazy

A vegetable once overlooked, Kale is a produce superstar these days. Proclaimed as one of the world’s healthiest veggies, it not only offers a high concentration of vitamins A, C, and K, but also lowers your cholesterol and your risk for cancer. In the kitchen, kale works so well as a fresh ingredient because it complements many other foods. This recipe combines the leafy green with two other health foods: edamame and quinoa, and the result is delicious! One quick tip: The longer you let the kale [... more]

Brussels Sprouts Hip? Who Knew?

Have you ever noticed how certain foods trend in cycles just as certain styles and colors in fashion do? Enter Mustard Marinated Grilled Brussel Sprouts. Yes, those little round green vegetables your mother tried to force-feed you as a child are now trending. They are hip! After a quick blanching, toss these leafy gems in a yummy marinade of olive oil, salt and pepper, and whole-grain mustard; then skewer and grill. Force-feeding no longer necessary.

Stuffed Tomato Spotlight

Nothing tastes better than vine-ripened tomatoes in the summer. When the weather turns warm, they usually find their way into everyday meals down South, be it as a sandwich or a salad. While many people use tomatoes as a side item or flavorful add on, this recipe makes them the star attraction. The cheesy stuffing in Ricotta and Orzo-Stuffed Tomatoes balances well with the tomato’s acidic flavor, and the orzo makes it hearty enough for a main dish.     

Dip With a Twist

Canned beans are a staple in most pantries—all you need to access this pre-cooked protein is a handy-dandy can opener. If you’re wondering what to do with those cans of cannellini beans you’ve had sitting around for a while, try this easy recipe for Roasted Fennel and White Bean Dip. The baked fennel has a surprising mild licorice flavor, which pairs perfectly with the white beans. Other intense flavors come from the lemon, garlic, fresh herbs, and grated parmesan that all blend together in the food processor. [... more]