Get It &Go

Does this sound familiar? On any given day, you spend eight hours (or more) at work, hit the gym for a workout, and then a friend calls about dinner plans – only you have zero time to go home and change. You look like a hot mess, but constantly compromising your schedule to fit everything in is less than ideal. And if you prepared ahead of time, you’d have to practically pack a suitcase for the car every day. Can you imagine the laundry? No. Just no. Recently, we heard about &Go from Lululemon, [... more]

Cuff ‘Em

Ever watched one of those commercials where elderly people are saved by wearing a necklace with an emergency alert button, and you thought, “That’s so ugly and ridiculous… but I kind of want one”? Now, thanks to Cuff’s wearable technology, you’re in luck . This startup company is seeking to create a line of fashionable and extremely wearable jewelry pieces designed to keep you safe in any situation. Basically, bracelets, necklaces, arm cuffs, etc., will have a Cuff technology button – programmed to connect to your iOS app and [... more]

Southern Fashion Powerhouse

Stephanie Carter sure is one busy lady. As the founder of Southern Fashion House, Carter heads multiple design ventures, including retail boutique DejaVu and several iconic clothing lines. Carter’s development of her signature bold, feminine style began at an early age in Brundidge, Alabama, but it wasn’t until she found herself on the beaches of the Florida Panhandle that her first clothing brand – Judith March – became a reality. Her ability to encapsulate the bold colors of the coast with feminine details from Carter’s southern youth quickly became popular with women of [... more]

Pre-Fall Fashion to Wear Now

You’ve heard of Fall fashion collections, but did you know about “Pre-Fall”? Designers recently debuted their 2014 Pre-Fall collections, which are often meant to be in-between season lines featuring fewer pieces than full Fall and Spring collections. These “Pre-Fall” lines are perfect for those living in regions that begin to transition into cooler weather early, but not exactly ideal for those living in, say, the South – where it’s still in the 70s going into November. While that usually means these chic Pre-Fall styles are just plain unwearable until the holidays, there [... more]

Recycled Refashion

Eco-friendly clothing design doesn’t have to be just about creating new clothes from sustainable materials and production methods. The other side of the same coin is essentially (and stylishly) vintage:  recycling and upcycling existing fashion. Sass Brown’s book, ReFashioned: Cutting-Edge Clothing from Upcycled Materials, takes an in-depth look at innovative design that seeks to counteract ‘throw-away’ clothing culture. Refashioned features 46 international designers who work with discarded items and recycled materials in order to create new, valuable pieces. We’re excited to see Alabama design company, Alabama Chanin, [... more]

Blo the Whistle

Beginning as a passion for collecting vintage whistles, designer Allison Stackpole’s Blo Vintage whistle jewelry line combines style, history, and personal protection. Having been given a safety whistle by her mother when she first went to college, Stackpole became intrigued with the antique history of whistles and how that could be expressed through fashion. In tandem with the eco-fashion movement of upcycling, each necklace is created with an individual and non-replicated whistle or harmonica piece. Blo Vintage is made up of five separate collections representing different styles and emotional [... more]

Red, White, and Blue for You

Festive holidays can always be a bit tricky to dress for:  you can choose to don your finest themed apparel – and run the risk of looking like a five-year-old - or not dress up at all and run the risk of looking out of place when everyone else is red, white, and blue-in’ it up.  If only there were a happy medium, right? This weekend, embrace a festive outfit without feeling too cheesy and childish. The key to the perfect 4th of July outfit is to choose two colors to focus [... more]


Lauren Leonard began her career in fashion at the young age of 16, and now designs one of the fastest-growing contemporary labels in fashion today, LEONA. This Southern designer defines her line as “cool, modern, classic and transitional,” incorporating simple and sensible pieces that fit the Southern lifestyle with a sense of “city chic.”  With pieces seen in Lucky and Elle magazines, and celebrity fans, such as Taylor Swift and Giuliana Rancic, she’s clearly doing something right.  Based out of Nashville, TN, as well as New York, [... more]

Switch to Strapless

While large handbags and totes are great for carrying your entire life around with you on a daily basis, they often become cumbersome during an active summer day. Instead of the heavy bag half your body size, reach for a lightweight clutch that fits easily in your hand or tucked under your arm. Clare V.’s Foldover Clutch is just large enough to hold your essentials without becoming clunky, and comes in a large variety of colors and leathers. Whether a casual sporty stripe, sassy animal print or dressed-up [... more]

Flea Market Fly

If and when you get the itch to window shop or browse the aisles of your local flea market, do it in style and comfort. We love the color combination of J. Crew’s coral-orange Gilded Brocade Shorts and Ann Mashburn’s olive-green Silk Camp Shirt, accented with splashes of turquoise jewelry for even extra pop.  Tie the look together with a leather cross body bag, like the Borda Belt Bag by Patricia Nash, and a sandal with a sturdy heel idea for a day spent bargain hunting for [... more]

The Last Bag You’ll Ever Buy

You can count on using luggage for the rest of your life, so it makes sense to get bags that look timeless and will last forever. Emil Erwin, a Nashville, Tennessee-based leather and canvas goods company, patterns, cuts, sews, and assembles each bag by hand in its studio. The brand’s shoulder bags beautifully hold your laptop, lunch, work files, and whatever else you feel like putting in them. They’ll cause the grumpy old guy at the office to do a double take, but decades down the road [... more]

Afternoon Wedding

June means wedding season, so you’ll need to dress the part. Attending the marriage celebration of a friend or family member offers the opportunity to dress up a little, and also play with fresh color and patterns! Roberto Cavalli’s brightly colored dress uses mirror symmetry to produce a lovely floral pattern perfect for summer. Its modest neck and hem lines suit the occasion, and ensure that you won’t steal too much attention from the happy couple. Accent the look with gold accessories and a coordinating statement clutch [... more]

Slim and Trim

Chunky statement watches adorn the wrists of many women these days, but the oversized cases and thick steel bands aren’t always practical. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Katherine Watch ($175-$250) boasts a much smaller size without losing an ounce of style. Sporting a square case, this delicate timepiece features a sunray-finish dial and the Marc logo, with each letter of the word denoting the quarter hour. It comes in a range of color options and your choice of either a leather or stainless steel band so you [... more]

Rockout. Workout.

Keeping your workout fun and fresh helps you stay active and drives the popularity of fitness trends. First came Zumba, Pure Barre, and SoulCycle. Now POUND arrives on the scene, promising to keep you entertained while you sweat off the day’s calories. This high-energy combination of cardio and Pilates incorporates music and the physical movements of drumming familiar to musicians and founders Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom. The most unique aspect of POUND is the replacement of traditional hand weights with modified drumsticks called Ripstix. These allow [... more]

Coal Care

You may not immediately associate charcoal with skin and hair care, but activated charcoal boosts beauty benefits by drawing out oil, dirt, and other harmful toxins from clogged pores and follicles. Many beauty and health companies now recognize the advantages of charcoal and incorporate the ingredient into products, such as Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask ($34) and Sort of Coal’s Kuro Shampoo ($35). While it seems strange seeing your face covered in a dark gray cream, reviews promise an almost instantaneous improvement in the appearance of your skin, [... more]