A Two-Wheeled Build

Aaron Dykstra heard stories from his grandparents of their travels across Europe on bicycles after World War II from a young age. Dykstra would eagerly listen as his grandfather would show him pictures and slides, and describe stories of the places he saw on two wheels. The inspiration never left Aaron and has fueled his love of bicycling ever since. He began racing, working as a bicycle mechanic, and eventually training to become a bicycle frame builder.

Aaron Dykstra Six Eleven Bicycle Co.

Bike Craftsman, Aaron Dykstra | Photo Credit: Brett Winter Lemon


Aaron currently lives in Roanoke, Virginia where he crafts his wheeled beauties at his company, Six-Eleven Bicycle. The customization for each rider he constructs a bicycle for, comes from Aaron’s matchless precision in every detail of his steel creations. He also continues to ride himself and stays in constant conversation with his customers in order to most accurately fulfill the bikers’ needs. This approach to construction led him to winning the “People’s Choice” award at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

Whether you’re  a novice rider or an expert cyclist on two wheels, if you’re looking for a bicycle that fits you like that perfect pair of jeans, then check out Aaron and Six-Eleven Bicycle Company.