The Only Shoelaces You Will Ever Need

Withstanding the zombie apocalypse. Extreme hipster resistance.  Bear attacks.  These are just a few of the bragging points held by the makers of Kickstarter’s latest success story, Rhino Laces: guaranteed unbreakable shoelaces designed for the world’s toughest jobs.

Some things only become obvious to people in extreme situations, like two wildland firefighters who found their boot laces were snapping just as fast as the charred branches surrounding them. Determined to find a useful solution, they spent years testing different materials that would be both cut-proof and fire-proof, finally developing a proprietary blend of different materials that they claim can’t ever be destroyed. They believe so wholeheartedly in Rhino Laces that they come with a special guarantee:  if they ever break, for any reason, they will be replaced for free. And that includes bear fights.

Rhino Laces

Rhino Laces

People do use them to keep their shoes tied, but there is a hilarious section on their website specially reserved for all the creative uses people have gotten from their indestructible laces. As they say, you may even want to get a pair just for making your beard awesomer.