Jumping the Shark… Or Dolphin

Have you ever wanted to fly like Superman? How about diving through the water like Aquaman? Well, while the magic cape is still out of our reach (for now), your man-child dreams of going all shark-like and zipping through the water really can come true. Designers at Innespace Productions have created the Seabreacher, a watercraft vessel that looks and handles like a shark or dolphin. It not only moves at breathtaking speeds across the water, but can also dive down into the water and come shooting back up off the surface.

We don’t know about you, but our childhood dreams also included scaring little sisters with something a lot like this.

It doesn’t sound real until you see it in action, which is why we’ve included the video in this post. They’re also available for purchase down to your last custom specification, which may make them one of the coolest (and possibly scariest) grown-up toys we have ever seen.

Seabreacher watercraft

Seabreacher watercraft

Can your yacht do this?